What Is Indexed Universal Life (IUL)?

Indexed Universal Life, also referred to IUL, is a permanent life policy that gives you the opportunity to earn tax-deferred interest that reflects the growth of stock market indexes.

How Does An IUL work?

indexed universal life insurance

As premiums are paid, the money goes to both a death benefit and a cash component that grows over time. With an IUL, instead of growing at a fixed rate, the cash component’s growth is based on the strength of stock market indexes.

What Are The Benefits of an IUL?

  • This plan has flexible premiums.
  • Involves lower risk than directly investing in the stock market.
  • Unlike a Roth IRA, there’s no limit on annual contributions.
  • The death benefit is tax free.
  • The interest rate will never be less than 0% (many times 2%) meaning the funds are protected against losses.
  • The funds can be used tax free at any age, any time, for any reason as a loan or cashed out. Many clients use the cash value to pay off education, buy a car, put a down payment for a home or for retirement.
  • The policy is valid for life.

Are You Interested In Pursuing an IUL?

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