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“Camille” signed a life insurance contract for a premium of $1.6k/mo. 3 mos. later she realized she couldn’t afford the ammount!
The agent didn’t explain clearly what the contract was about!

90% of insurance clients don’t have any idea of what kind of coverage they have!

Most people don’t read the insurance contracts. Maybe crazy but its true. I know only 1 person, Peter, who read his insurance contracts.

He said the policies are not so hard to read. In the beginning, there is a glossary w/ the terms & meanings.

Your agent should point out the most important riders & conditions in a policy upon delivery.

You may ask to get a sample of the contract beforehand, to have time to review it. None of my clients have problems understanding the contract. First of all I ask them relevant questions about their goals and budget. Then I explain how the policy will help solve their concerns or reach their goals.

In life insurance there is something called illustration which explains how the policy works. It’s a good idea to ask your agent for it before the application is submitted.

In California and other states you have 30 days of contestability.

For help with understanding and reviewing your life insurance policy, call me. Let’s talk!

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