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Whether you are a seasoned professional or a newly licensed life insurance agent, we offer three coaching services to grow your business and achieve measurable goals.

Getting Started

A curated experience with actionable advice for newly licensed life insurance professionals. Includes a one hour telephone or video consulting. Learn how to get started with proven strategies.

start now

Getting to Growth

Secrets behind successful client growth and creating a plan for your business.
Session includes a one hour telephone or video call and an overview of Life Insurance Agent Best Practices.

grow now


Ongoing coaching geared to professionals who are seeking to expand their business for the long term. Customize sessions over several months to achieve long-term goals for your business.

accelerate now

Actionable Insights

For over ten years, Susy Zinn has taken the world’s best sales classes , has read all fo the books, and has become a scholar in successful sales techniques. Her ability to customize this valuable knowledge for Life Insurance professionals is a unique opportunity for those just starting out or for veterans looking to update skills and find new opportunities.

  • Susy Zinn is an amazing listener and is completely free of judgement. In just one session, her insights and recommendations gave me the confidence to try new approaches and get out of my comfort zone. She is inspiring and offers the same great advice that has driven her success."

    Nataly Blumberg

The support you need.

There are lots of resources to help you grow your business, but none are fully focused on the Life Insurance industry. Susy Zinn is an entrepreneur, business leader, and successful Independent Life Insurance Agent that has transformed her career five times in six countries. She offers the skills and insights needed to grab on to new opportunities.

A customized experience for newly licensed professionals

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