A Procrastinator’s Guide to Reaching Your Financial Goals”


A savvy way to use life insurance if you are a foreign national

A foreign national or non-US resident with Real Estate properties in the U.S. has tax liabilities. Very often their families are surprised, after their death, to learn that estate taxes are payable on these properties.


The Best Gift for your Grandchildren is Life Insurance

Over the years you wonder what kind of gift to buy to your grandchildren that can leave a legacy…


Celebrating Wonder Women

Being a woman and a business owner, I would like to highlight the advantages that women bring to business and the workplace. Here’s a few of them…


The Perfect Gift for Your Grandchildren is not an iPad or toy. It’s life insurance.

Becoming a grandparent is one of the most exciting life events and it is filled with happy occasions like birthdays, holidays, graduations, and more. Over the years you’ll be spending a lot of time thinking of what gifts to buy!


“Go to an independent life insurance agent”. Susana Zinn interviewed by Jason Hartman, Author | Speaker | Financial Guru | Podcast Rockstar

hey represent many different companies and will find the solution that is best for your needs. When an agent represents only one company, your areas of concern need to fit into what they have. As a part of our series about the “5 Things You Should Ask Before You BUY Life Insurance”.



Celebrities are not like you and me. They live in a glitzy, glamorous world filled with luxury that we can only dream about in our wildest dreams — or so we thought. But sometimes, with the fame and great fortune that come with the celebrity lifestyle, these stars overlook the need for life insurance



Despite all the perks that life insurance offers, there are a number of misconceptions, myths pertaining to Life Insurance. Let’s examine them and get to the truth of the matter.


Real-life horror stories… and how life insurance helped

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself… and spiders.”
In keeping with tradition, here’s some scary real-life stories to spook you on my latest Medium blog. Please share with your trick-or-treating friends.
Happy Halloween!


A Procrastinator’s Guide to Reaching Your Financial Goals

Procrastination is a common problem. It affects your life, the lives of your loved ones and keeps you from achieving your goals. I myself have been postponing going on a diet for a while.


A Marijuana User’s Guide To Life Insurance

For marijuana users, one of the many aspects of life likely affected is life insurance. The ability to buy affordable life insurance is often an important part of a solid financial plan.


Why Are Insurance Policies Impossible To Read?

She tried to renew an umbrella insurance policy that covered her home and car, only to collide with the fine print. You know, declaration pages with long lists of risks and perils. And, of course, sentences that run on for paragraphs.


6 Reasons why the wealthy buy lots of life insurance

We either love or hate them, there are few who don’t really care, but let’s admit it… some rich people are fascinating. As such, millions want to hear, read, and watch them fueled by shows like Dynasty, The Real Housewives and Keeping Up with the Kardashians to following celebrities and socialites on Instagram.


3 Inspiring Ways to Reinvent Yourself in Uncertain Times

Reinventing yourself is never easy. This is especially true when the world seems to be in constant change and what was easier before now seems so much more challenging. We can never get yesterday back. What we can do is have an idea of where we see ourselves in the future and take the steps to get there. Even if it’s baby steps at first. We grow with our ideas and actions and increase our confidence our success step by step.


5 Ways to Reinvent Yourself in Uncertain Times

At the time that I am writing this post, COVID-19 has drastically changed the way we live and work. We cannot control what is going on around us, but we can control our reaction to what is happening. In physics class, we learn about action and reaction. Some people believe in Murphy’s Law that everything that can go wrong will go wrong. This person’s reaction is akin to darkness. By focusing on a positive action and energy, there is light. Every reinvention must start with the acknowledgement that your life depends on you and how you react to a situation. Sometimes we hit rock bottom and have to start from scratch.


Why You Shouldn’t Freak Out about Buying Life Insurance

Let me start off by saying that I’m superstitious by nature. I always wear an evil eye bracelet to ward off bad luck and wear a red string to bring me good luck. I even bought extras and put them on the stroller and diaper bag. “Oh good, there’s no traffic” has never come out of my mouth because a mile down the road there will be traffic—because I said something, of course. I could keep going, but everyone gets the point.


The things movies teach us about life insurance

Movies let us escape and take us to magical places. They also provide a visual answer to many “what if” questions we might have. They allow us to watch situations we’ve never been in and let us observe how different people respond to the situation.


Money Lessons From These Iconic American Institutions

I love a great story — the hero dreams, springs to action to accomplish them, runs into an obstacle that he eventually overcomes and succeeds in the end. What’s more captivating and inspiring is if they happen to be real-life stories too.
So, let’s explore these true stories of big business tycoons as they started, saved and grew their businesses into the empires that they are now.

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