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If you need life insurance for marijuana smokers, independent life insurance agent  Susana Zinn can assist you. Susana is a skilled and experienced life insurance professional who offers life insurance for marijuana smokers, term life insurance, and related policies in Los Angeles.

Please call Susana Zinn today, your source for life insurance for marijuana smokers at (714) 729-3616.

Can I Get Life Insurance For Pot Smokers?

The CDC reports that marijuana is the most-used drug in the US, with 43.5 million users in 2018. Life insurance companies are usually conservative, but some carriers will provide life insurance for pot smokers.

Each insurance company has a different approach to assessing the risk for marijuana smokers. Your premium will hinge on how often you use it, if you also smoke cigarettes and other factors.

When you are looking for life insurance for pot smokers, you will be given a health classification based on your general health, hobbies, DMV record or driving record and family history. The higher the risk, the higher your rates. The rating system usually looks like this:

  • Preferred plus
  • Preferred
  • Standard plus
  • Standard
  • Substandard

Life insurance companies grade pot smokers as tobacco smokers. This means they are eligible for tobacco rates, which may be 300% more expensive than rates for nonsmokers.

The biggest factor with marijuana and life insurance rates is that recreational use is not always viewed unfavorably by many carriers. However, underlying health conditions, if the marijuana is prescribed to treat them, can greatly increase your rates.

Also note when you apply for your life insurance, the company will test for THC. This shows how much you smoke marijuana. THC appears in blood tests up to 14 days after you smoke and in urine for up to 30 days. Some companies offer a better rating if you admit to smoking pot but test negative for THC during your medical exam.

If you are applying for a life insurance policy, you may want to abstain from smoking marijuana for 30 days to ensure you test negative for THC.

The bottom line: You can get life insurance and smoke marijuana. Your rates depend on how often you smoke and your underlying health conditions. Susana Zinn can help you find the best rates if you are a marijuana smoker.

“I Need Term Life Insurance”

If you need term life insurance, Susana Zinn is also happy to help you.

Term life insurance, ensures that a death benefit will be paid if you pass away during the specified term. Once that term has expired, you may renew your term life policy for another term. You also can convert the policy to a permanent one or allow the policy to lapse.

When you purchase this insurance through Ms. Zinn and you pass away during the term, the insurance provider will pay your beneficiary the policy’s value. The cash benefit is not taxable in most cases. Your family can use it to pay debts and expenses, including consumer debt, mortgages, medical bills, funeral expenses, etc.

Remember – if the term life policy expires before you die, no death benefit is paid. There is no value to this policy besides the death benefit. If you want a savings vehicle within your policy, Ms. Zinn can talk to you about permanent life or universal life insurance.

Please Contact Independent Life Insurance Agent Susana Zinn Today

If you need life insurance for marijuana smokers or term life insurance, please call life insurance agent Susana Zinn at (714) 729-3616.

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