Golfeados are a part of every Venezuelan’s childhood memory. They are similar to sticky buns rolled into a shape similar to that of a snail, resembling the cinnamon rolls. The folds are filled with a mixture of grated papelon (molasses-like ingredient) and white cheese, flavored with aniseed and baked.

They are usually accompanied with a slice of hand cheese, a type of salty and soft fresh cheese also typical of my country. For many Venezuelans, the ascent to Los Teques or Colonia Tovar, including a walk to Macuto, was synonymous with eating golfeados, since on each of these roads stood out a must-see stop due to the fame of these rolls.

The authors of this recipe are mentioned as the brothers Genaro and María Duarte, who were living in a barrio called Petare in Caracas, took out steaming trays from their wood-fired ovens of this amazing pastry. The Golfeado was copied immediately and became very popular across the country.

Imagine going on a road trip to the beach or the mountain, stopping to stretch your legs and savoring one or two warm golfeados with cheese! YUMMY!!!

There’s nothing like it, I assure you!

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