Torta de queso La Viña or “the vineyard cheesecake” is perhaps the most famous cheesecake in the Basque Country, in Spain. I’m sure it’s become well known throughout the world. Visitors from all over go crazy about it when they visit the restaurant “La Viña” in the old area of San Sebastian.
At home, we are addicted to this cake. It’s the dessert that my husband Rafael bakes constantly until I had to beg him to stop because it is too good!!!
We love it not only because it is delicious but because it’s also very easy to make. During the lockdown Rafael was making this cheesecake every week. Don’t ask me how many extra pounds I gained!!!
At first it does not look so appealing. You will even think it’s rather ugly. However, this rustic and excessively golden aspect, with a presentation wrapped in baking paper, hides an absolutely delicious cake. Creamy texture, melts in the mouth, and smooth and delicate flavor.
Once you taste it you too will become addicted!
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