My very first day at work in Israel I was very excited because my coworkers offered to take me out to lunch.

We drove to the city of Ashdod, about 15 minutes away. We got into this kind of shack and we ordered. In that time my Hebrew was very poor so I didn’t understand what they were ordering.

The waiter came with 3 plates of hummus and pita.

I didn’t start eating and waited for the “food” to come: Chicken or fish and salad, right?

But the “food” was only the hummus!!!

Then I learned that you can eat Hummus all day. It is a full meal, made with chickpeas, tahini (sesame seed paste), lemon, garlic and plenty of minerals, protein and all kinds of nutrients. I could not finish my plate!

This is how the Israelis eat hummus: grab a piece of pita bread with your hand of course, dip it in the hummus, turn your hand clockwise as if you were asking “what’s the matter?” and munch!

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