Fish reminds me of different places and brings me memories of people I love and whom I had fun with.

My mom made Gefilte Fish for Shabbat dinner and special holidays. It’s grounded fish patties in jelly eaten cold with chrein which is a sauce made with beets and horseradish. Sounds weird but it’s absolutely heaven!

No day the beach in Venezuela goes without eating lunch at a kiosk where they serve fried fish, coleslaw and plantains! It’s a must and just thinking about it my mouth melts, it brings me so many happy memories!

During a trip to Southeast Asia, I had the opportunity to taste fish in different forms. My favorite was fried fish with mango sauce we ate literally at a beach shack, with our feet deep in the sand in Koh-Samui.

Since I moved to LA, I learned to love salmon, simply grilled or as you can see in this photo, an Asian fusion version I make from scratch by combining different recipes. By the way I love serving salmon with plantains, the sweet and savory combination is unbeatable!

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