A good fresh crunchy Mille-feuille is my favorite dessert (besides ice cream of course!)

One day many years ago I was in Rome, it was Easter Sunday and all the restaurants were packed. The hotel recommended a restaurant around the corner where they set up an extra table next to the dessert cart. The waiters were serving a pastry called Millefoglie that is Mille-Feuille (Milhojas in Spanish) every single minute! They were coming to serve it right next to me over and over! I was watching the cart, praying they wouldn’t run out of the amazing cake! But to my relief, they were bringing fresh ones from the kitchen every time.
At the end of the fantastic meal (and you always eat like a king in Rome no matter where!), I asked for my millefoglie. At last!
This happened many years ago but I will never forget the taste, the freshness of the cream and the crunchiness of the puff pastry. It was heavenly!
I also remember la Pasteleria Danubio and la Tivoli in Caracas, two iconic pastry shops where you had to wait in line patiently for the best milhojas in town.
What is your favorite dessert? Share it with me!
Photo credits: @karim.bourgi for @chef.midox
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