The Big Sandwich called “Sanduchón” in Spanish (pronounced sandootchone) is part of the traditional appetizers of Venezuelan family events.
It is a simple preparation very popular with all ages, from piñata parties to adult birthdays.
Each layer should have diverse flavors and colors. The important thing is that the mix is harmonious and that you can appreciate that differentiation of colors that makes it so attractive.
First of all, you need to find a bakery where they will cut the loaf of white sandwich bread horizontally instead of vertically, and that could be tough depending on where in the world you live.
When I lived in Caracas, I used to follow my dear friend andneighbor Ruthy’s (@nutribien_ruth) recipe with layers of bread and Gouda cheese, tuna salad, egg salad and pickled cucumbers. Lots of mayonnaise to keep it together. Ruthy is a very well known nutritionist right now. I’m sure she would approve of having a small slice of shanduchón!
I know people who add a layer of strawberry preserves! Others use smoked salmon, cream cheese, chives and capers. Your imagination and the sky are the limit!
After you fill it up with all the layers of goodies, the sanduchón goes to the fridge all night, tightly wrapped in plastic and weighted down with a tray and ceramic plates on top. The following day it’s unwrapped and decorated and enjoyed!
Sounds complicated but it’s not! The results are totally worth it, a #1 hit for any party!
Have you ever had sanduchón? Did I bring you memories of your childhood?
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