Nothing more typical Venezuelan food than empanadas and arepas which are consumed daily for breakfast and dinner throughout the national territory. Both have infinite versions where the dough and the filling can vary.
In Venezuela, when you visit the beach, it is normal to consume dogfish (cazon) empanadas in front of the sea. An idyllic gustatory experience of pure Venezuelan flavor! Other varieties include shredded beef or chicken empanadas, Pabellon empanadas (the national dish inside an empanada!) and also my second favorite, cheese empanadas.
In Margarita Island it is typical to see an old lady making empanadas at her little table on the beach and people crowding around waiting for their order to be fried. It just makes my mouth water, when I remember. Playa El Agua and Playa Parguito are two of the most famous beaches in the island. I treasure these fond memories related to food, as always.
Margarita empanadas’ dough is thin, and that double layer or “doble capita” is mandatory, the cheese has to be tasty and the kind that sticks to the empanada. The crunch that comes with each bite and the green sauce or the garlic sauce are just as important as the empanada itself.
Viva La Empanada!
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