• Hi Susana, thank you so much for all your help. You were tremendous through the whole purchasing and screening process and seeing me through the life insurance process I really appreciate your professionalism and guidance.

    Travis Fletcher Los Angeles, CA
  • Susanna is very professional, caring, and takes her clients to heart. She has a very good sense of which product is good for which family or person. She has the uncanny ability to see from different perspectives and provide great advice. She’s very committed to her work and the people she serves, earning her the title of a high-performer. I would definitely recommend Susanna for your life insurance needs.

    Mitra Silva Los Angeles CA
  • Susana is a a vibrant, compassionate and empathetic human being and she brings that enormous energy to her work. She is not about selling insurance; she is about service and customer care. She takes the time to really assess her clients' needs and, if she feels it's warranted, she finds a product that is a great fit. I am so appreciative of her work; she found me a better life insurance solution both at a better price and with better coverage. I could not recommend her more highly. She is simply the BEST!

    John MG Los Angeles CA
  • Susana was amazing! She was honest with me and told me to keep my current life insurance. Other agents said I should switch, but that would have not been in my best interest. Honest and friendly. I will tell my friends to have her review their insurance needs with her.

    Bob G Miami, Florida
  • Susana is the best!.... she was very diligent in getting the best options for me... I do not hesitate to recommend her amply as my life insurance agent!

    John G. Caracas, Venezuela
  • Susy is an extraordinary agent. She will find you the best plan that will fit your needs. Very professional and honest person but most important is her excellent service!

    Danny P. Houston Texas
  • Susana was so helpful in finding my young family an affordable life insurance policy ($17 a month for $500,000 death benefit)!!! I feel all my present and growing needs are covered. Susana explained to me how I can convert my 20- year term policy into a whole life in the future when my financial situation improves. It doesn't matter if my health condition deteriorates, I can continue using the same rating they gave me now that I'm super healthy! I highly recommend Susana Zinn to review your actual policy, she will be sincere and not pushy at all.

    Tam G. Miami, Florida
  • Working with Susana was not only a pleasure but very effective. She efficiently found better solutions for me in an expedite and professional manner, taking the time to explain every step to help my final decision. I can highly recommend Susana without a doubt.

    Victoria B. New York City
  • I got a life insurance policy with Susana recently. She went above and beyond to get me with a company that really worked for me. I had a few special requests and she was great with them. If you are looking for someone to give you an honest evaluation of your policy or to get you a great policy, Susana gets 10 stars.

    L.W. Los Angeles
  • I have known many insurance people, but I wish they were all like Susana Zinn! Susana is one of the most compassionate and professional insurance people I have every had the pleasure of working with; she is more like a friend than an agent. She knows the insurance landscape well, and is not pushy or sales-y at all, she has a genuine vested interest in finding the right insurance product for you at the point in your life that you are at, with an eye towards the future. Susana can work with any budget or life-criteria/circumstance and can help you evaluate your current insurance products while contemplating new ones. She is not afraid to say she doesn't know something (and she will follow up) or what you have is good - she is honest, she's real and she listens. I would never hesitate to do business with Susana or refer my family and friends; she is as patient as she is lovely and honest.

    Michael Los Angeles
  • I loved the video and the comparison of life insurance to wine!! It’s not expensive over time, and each person needs a different life insurance! And no one better than you Susana, with attention to detail and always willing to go the extra mile for your clients!

    Mariela Poleo Houston, TX
  • Compassion is a word that gets thrown around a lot, but it does not even come close to describe how Susana Zinn works with her clients to make sure they and their family's are covered if things really go south. All you need to do is sit down with Susana one time, and you will be taken back not only be her knowledge of products and benefits, but how much she cares about meeting your future financial needs. Let's be honest, life insurance is not a fun topic....nor is it an easy, but if you work with Susana you will be able to feel her energy and yes compassion as she points you in the proper direction to meet your future goals and needs

    Todd Mayster Los Ángeles CA
  • I’m a healthy individual. My professions include being an actor, dancer and personal trainer. I’m always careful on the road because I live in Los Angeles. But last year I had a terrible car accident. I got T-boned so hard it spun me off into a building. I was very lucky to survive that day. I realized then that I depend 100% on how well I’m doing physically to continue with my professions. Even more critical, I support a family and they rely on me to be well and alive too. The post accident anxiety stopped when I met with Susana Zinn. She was able to provide me with all the information and all the choices I needed to make the right decision to protect me, my family and my income in case anything happens again and I don’t have the same luck.

    Mauricio Sanchez Hollywood Hills, CA
  • Susana Zinn is the best life insurance agent you can find. Susana loves her job and finding the best option for each client because she is independent and works with all the best insurance carriers in the market. Susana recommends to get a life insurance policy with Living Benefits so you can collect the money while you are still alive if you develop a chronic or terminal illness. Susana is caring and very professional. I highly recommend Susana Zinn also for Long Term Care Insurance and Disability Insurance.

    Elias Gordon Los Ángeles CA
  • Susana Zinn was so helpful in reviewing my long term care policy. I had purchased it many years ago and was not sure if it was adequate for my current and future needs so Susanna was so kind to review it in detailed and confirm that the policy is very good but they will not make payments for the first 6 months of care after requesting it. Then, Susana offered a wide variety of insurance tools that addresses this gap. Susana is a exemplary professional who is very knowledgeable about the wide variety of insurances and is willing to research which tool would be more appropriate for the circumstances of each individual. She does not provide a cookie cutter approach to her clients. Her services are customized to the needs and resources of each individual. I cannot imagine anyone better than Susanna to address your insurance needs.

    Doris Hausmann Santa Monica CA
  • Susana fue muy servicial y fue muy importante para nosotros obtener el plan adecuado, se tomó el tiempo para explicarnos todas las opciones posibles y fue fundamental para que obtuviéramos el plan adecuado para nuestras necesidades.

    Alfredo Sabal Houston, TX
  • Highly recommend Susana for your insurance needs. She is knowledgeable, responsive, professional and extremely pleasant and easy to work with. I feel like my family is in good hands with her!

    Frances E.S. Washington DC
  • I bought life insurance and it was great! Love Susy and her professionalism, she helped me when no one else would. Much cheaper than any other agent in the market.

    Sam G. Aventura FL
  • Susy Zinn is an amazing listener and is completely free of judgement. In just one session, her insights and recommendations gave me the confidence to try new approaches and get out of my comfort zone. She is inspiring and offers the same great advice that has driven her success."

    Nataly Blumberg
  • As a divorce attorney, I have represented women who were awarded alimony, as their husbands had been the primary breadwinners over the course of long marriages. They needed life insurance policies to provide for replacement of alimony in the event of the former husband's death. Susana handled the delicate discussions needed to ensure the soon to be ex-husband's cooperation in the process, even though there were court orders providing for this. She was exceptionally patient with my clients who needed "hand holding" during the process. She obtained the maximum policy benefits for the wives at an affordable cost since she is an independent life insurance agent with access to many different policy options. I only refer to Susana when the need for life insurance arises. Maureen Stubbs, Attorney Los Angeles.

    Maureen Stubbs Los Angeles, California
  • I would like to share my experience with Susana Zinn as I think it calls for a review. In my line of work I deal with a lot of professionals. When I see an exceptional one, it needs to be acknowledged. I asked Susana to run some numbers for me for a life insurance plan I had in mind. What I received back was 10 times more valuable to me. Not only she did what I asked her to do, but she gave me different options to consider and ran a comprehensive comparative analysis of different insurance companies, policies and offers. She sat down with me and patiently listened to the story of my life and why I was interested in life insurance coverage at that time. Then she worked her magic to address all of my needs and concerns and came up with a plan that I truly believed was the best the market had to offer. Thank you Susana for being so attentive, caring and understanding. It's a pleasure working with professionals like you! HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

    Nataly Bausch Santa Monica, California
  • Susana Zinn is passionate about what she does. With both excellence and integrity I've felt quite comfortable. She's always been looking out for my best interests above all else. She's a great listener and delivers. Thank you, Susana!

    Jonathan Brock Los Angeles, California
  • Susana Zinn is passionate about what she does. With both excellence and integrity I've felt quite comfortable, she's always been looking out for my best interests above all else. She's a great listener and delivers. Thank you, Susana!

    Paul Super Beverly Hills, California
  • Susana helped with getting a life insurance policy for my son, that would earn him money as the years go by. She explained to him the value of this investment at his age and we highly recommend her!

    Theresa Fehring Los Angeles, California
  • Susana Zinn is easily one of the most professional, personable and hard-working life insurance agents in Los Angeles. I highly recommend working with her!

    Raven Vermeil Decor Beverly Hills, California
  • Susana is one in a million. She is exceptional at listening to what you need and developing a solution that exceeds expectations. In all the years that I have known and worked with Susana, her goal has been to help others. She is honest, patient, kind, meticulous, knowledgeable, reliable, and supportive. We first met when her career was focused on publicity and communications efforts. I was amazed at her contacts and her network. She delivered results unlike I have ever seen before. As an independent life insurance agent, she is different from other agents in terms of reliability and manner, and delivers outstanding results that have saved clients thousands of dollars annually. I recently called her with an urgent matter and she calmly explained all of the fine print and put me on the right path. I'll be forever grateful. She is so capable that other agents have contacted her for career advice. If that doesn't say it all, I don't know what does! Highly recommended!

    Nataly Blumberg New York City
  • Honestly, life insurance has always been important to me. I didn’t understand the benefits it offered until I met Susana. The examples she gave me of other professionals' reasons for getting a policy made sense to me. Being self-employed gives me peace of mind to know that if, God forbid, I get a chronic illness or pass away my policy will help me or my loved ones. Susana was patient & asked me a lot of questions before she found the policy to suit my needs. I was impressed at her professionalism, attention to detail & focus. I gave her a monthly amount I was comfortable paying & she came in under budget. Susana is the best and truly cares.

    Kim Halverson Los Angeles, CA
  • Susana is by far the most sympathetic insurance agent I’ve ever known. She is so careful not to be forceful or put words in your mouth. Instead she listens carefully to find the best insurance for you. If you’ve been led down the lane by a fast-talking salesman, you need to meet Susana. She’s the best!!!

    Barbara Drossman Encinitas, CA
  • Knowing Susana, is immediately feeling the confidence that what she advises us is what best suits us. She is honest, puts the needs of her clients first, and the service, the follow-up she gives, is first class. I have never dealt with such a responsible and careful person in her work as Susana. Highly recommended, Susana knows her job very well and will find the right option for you.

    Cristiana Ungaro Coral Gables, FL
  • Susana is the utmost professional. My experience in looking for life insurance was exceptional. She is a true consultant and advisor. Her responsiveness and follow through are incredible. I felt well taken care of. I highly recommend Susana.

    Eddie Suero Marina del Rey, CA
  • Estoy muy contenta y satisfecha del servicio prestado por Suzy la recomiendo 100%, muy profesional, responsable, siempre dispuesta a ayudarme y responder a todas mis dudas. La conozco hace muchos años, trabajamos juntas y cuando quise adquirir un seguro de vida no dudé en contactarla pues sabía que pondría a mi disposición todo su conocimiento y su esfuerzo por encontrar la mejor opción para mi.

    Aura J. Villavicencio Doral, FL
  • Super reliable service , knowledgeable about the matter , always available for questions.

    Cecilia Rosler Aventura,. FL
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